martes, 31 de enero de 2012

Single-Incision Surgery Repertoire Expands to Treat Colorectal Conditions

Colon removal  or Colectomies: No Scar or Single Incision Surgery

A minimally invasive “bellybutton” surgery technique already used to remove smaller organs like the gallbladder and appendix has now been adapted to allow to excise much larger organs – like the colon.

Thanks to working through this single port, patients have been experiencing less post-operative pain, and in many cases, surgeons can erase the need for leaving permanent, visible scars.

Treat Colorectal Conditions: patients typically undergo surgeries like: colon removals, or colectomies (sometimes just half or part, known as a “hemicolectomy”), for cancerous conditions or benign inflammatory bowel diseases like Crohn’s, diverticulitis, ulcerative colitis, and more.
The No Scar Colon Surgery or Single Incision Colon Surgery, is as equally safe and effective as standard laparoscopic surgery.  Less painful recoveries and the cosmetic benefit – the potential for no noticeable scarring – is an undeniable perk, especially for young people.  The single-incision colectomy or No Scar Colon Surgery might be an especially good fit for young people/ adults.

The surgery is best suited to a specific patient population – typically trimmer patients – and to certain procedures, like elective (not emergency) colectomies.


Cholecystectomy or Gallbladder removal: No Scar Cholecystectomy or Single Incision Cholecystectomy

You may have a new option regarding the type of surgical procedure you undergo for gallbladder removal. The No Scar Cholecystectomy or Single Incision Cholecystectomy offers potential benefits over other approaches, including the potential for no visible scar, less pain due to fewer incisions compared to traditional laparoscopic surgery and a faster recovery time than open surgery. The table below details the differences between the various options. These results detailed below are typical - your results may vary.


lunes, 16 de agosto de 2010

Scarless Surgery or Single Incision Surgery

• New Approach in Gallbladder and Appendix Laparoscopic Surgery

Scarless Surgery also known as Single Orifice Surgery or Single Incision Surgery has developed quite rapidly.

In Costa Rica, Dr. Ariel Rivera Aguerri, Surgeon Director of the Center for Laparoscopic Surgery and Chief of General Surgery at the Hospital CIMA, is pioneer in the implementation of the first Single Incision Surgery for gallbladder and appendix in the Costa Rica.

These procedures' hidden scar "require a single skin incision, and is conducted entirely through the umbilicus of the patient, either with a larger trocar or several smaller ones. The goal is to reduce postoperative pain, speed recovery and improve the aesthetic results for patients.

Many scarless surgeries or single incision procedures are now performed entirely through the umbilicus, leaving no visible scar for the patient.

The potential advantages for the patient:
1. Less postoperative pain: lower abdominal pain
2. A faster recovery: less pain and fewer incisions
3. Better cosmetic results: the scar is hidden in the navel
4. Minor complications:
a. Reduce the chance of infection site
b. Reduce the incidence of ventral hernia

Benefits of this procedure via umbilical (procedure known as SIS-single-incision surgery and single port access SPA) vs. Vaginal (procedure known as NOTES, natural orifice where the best known is the vagina)

A. Reduced rate of infection,
B. Inclusion of both male and female patients,
C. No advance preparation is required orifice (vs. requirement in the vaginal procedure),
D. Less formal instruments, etc.